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An epic adventure to save your friends. Monster capture arena system, customized mining and crafting systems, balanced combat with hundreds of skills and items.

I've been working on this project on and off for several years now. This is it's most current version. 

Watch it's live development on https://www.youtube.com/driftwoodgamingmv


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The Legend of Driftwood v1.62.zip 916 MB


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Is there a stat explanation anywhere?
I would like to know the effect of Willpower

Willpower is basically your magical defense. It reduces the amount of damage you will take from magic-type skills, as well as plays a role in the healing power of certain skills and abilities. (VIA ref. in the dmg form.)

That Game Is So Good! I'm About To Download It Right Now!

Thanks 44.

Please make a mac version i am dying to play

I have no way to test it on Mac.


how does crafting work in this game? Like crafting weapons and armors?

You mine ore, you smelt it into ingots, you turn those ingots into weapons and armor. There's a Synthesis option in the menu when it unlocks and becomes available.

Truly a Great game, Mr. Drifty!

The story is entertaining and engaging, no character was boring or uninspired, and the balance was right! I just had some difficulty with the Sanguine Dragon, but that was because I was underlevelled and...well, he kinda kicked my butt...

If I really had to point out an issue, from my knowledge atleast, there were some grammatical errors, but then again, I can't say since English isn't my main language.

Still, a fun time playing this, and a fun time watching you finish this amazing game on stream! Keep up the good work!

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Thank you PyroBoo.

Hey Drifty, I can think of two things straight off the bat when playing this.

In the games main folder, open your package.json and change the size of the window to the same settings as the resolution settings in your plugins. This will stop it from resizing as soon as you open it, which is a glitchy annoying thing.

Next thing; because of the overall length of your dialogues, if you're using Yanfly's message core, auto-wrap your texts. If you need a manual line break in the message, us <br>, and in the message core parameters go to 'Default Width' and change it from 'Graphics.boxWidth' to something like '(Graphics.boxWidth / 3) * 2' which will shorten it instead of a massive message window to something that more compliments the shorter text.

Chances are I'll be finding other things, so i'll keep you posted :)

Still love this game, love watching you originally create it, and watching you update both recorded and live. (You're on too early for me usually to watch you stream it, but occassionally I manage to catch ya).

Thank you for the excellent feedback, on the next update I'll add some text box formatting and get that resolution issue looked at

awesome. I also noticed in the sewer you can't go to the west? 

I make the player take the north route until after they beat Arturus' scenario. Only reason is that the north route map was remade and it looks better.

ahh ok.  I lik d the idea of getting two of the warm rocks lol. 

The assassin fight trolled me. I spent most of my turns guarding whilst bleeding out. Thankfully he only tried to assassinate me once. I've found a small collection of little bugs so when I've compiled them into some kind of order, I can let you know just for the next update time. It was suggested to me to dm you on discord.